Audeohost is Alive!

No Live Trial has been this exciting

Audeohost delivers TV sound directly to your smart device for TV programs on display at venues that have the Audeohost service in place. You control the volume – You hear, and complete the picture!

Audeohost is easy to use. It runs on Apple and Android devices.

Download the App for free from the respective Store to your phone or other device. Connect to the Audeohost Wi-Fi at your location (where available). Start the app, press play and Voila! You can move between channels and it automatically changes when there is a channel available.

Audeohost is now playing in Toronto at a select and growing number of locations:

The Frog (a Firkin pub), Yonge & Sheppard, steps from the subway –

The Rose and Crown, Yonge & Eglinton, north of the intersection east side –

The Miller, 31 Bay Street, steps from Union Station and Lakeshore –

The Irish Embassy Pub & Grill, 49 Yonge Street at Wellington –

Audeohost sounds almost perfect to us, but there’s nothing like a second set of ears!

We want it to make you feel good and we want to know. Not so good, we want to know too. Horrible, best that we know sooner rather than later! Most said is soonest mended in this case! Please send your feedback to or

It’s all about inclusiveness and building new relationships.

Get the app here:

For iOS Devices: iTunes App Store

Or here:

For Android Devices: Google Play Store

Infrequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Audeohost?

– Because it is all about “earing” what is on that is personal to your ear.

How does it work?

  • Find the Audeohost Wi-Fi and connect. Then go to the Audeohost App, select a channel, and press the play button. You can scroll between channels and where sound is available, it changes automatically.