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Audeohost is a location based sound delivery system that allows customers to connect and listen to in-house entertainment on their smartphone.

Using the free Audeohost app – freeing you to listen to whatever you want, free of ads and, free of clutter you can join in the excitement by connecting to venue Audeohost Access Point, you control your own volume and can listen to what is on TV screens in front of you or other available location soundtracks.

A picture paints a thousand words and art has so much to say, Audeohost carries the voice that explains the history, and so much more….

Audeohost gives you something to hear about and do more at once.

It’s language agnostic so your native language may be possible.

Audeohost gives patrons real-time commentary with all of the latest news, gossip, goals, spills and thrills!

In a busy spot, it delivers a clear message. In a quite spot where people don’t care what’s on, Audeohost lets you listen, in the silence!

The Audeohost message is loud and clear – “Hearing the complete Picture”!

Audeohost is your concierge connecting your customers to your venue. Its another reason to visit your venue. It’s another reason to stay~

Please tell your friends about Audeohost and let us know of a venue that will benefit from having Audeohost or let us know and we’ll contact them ourselves.

To help you with adopting and using Audeohost, you can find the following:

  • Testimonials from venue owners (Audeohosts) and venue goers (Audeohosters).
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to help you make your audio experience the best and keep it that way.
  • Support issues and answers to get you using the system for first time, forever!

A full list of contacts and the ways to get information and support are available on here. Please browse through the pages or just call us.

If Audeohost fails to meet your expectations or you want to pass on some wisdom, please let us know.

As a venue owner, you may want to explore how we help you engage your customers and help you monetize your screens and program costs. Please consider becoming an Audeohost!