Audeohost – Giving you something to hear about!

A person walks into a room full of TV screens with visuals on display. It can be a bank, a bar, a waiting area, a bus. All picture, no parlez!

Visual noise with half a message!

Introducing Audeohost, a location based digital sound system that delivers your TV sound to your customers’ smart device giving you the opportunity to send a clear message and your customers the choice to hear it!

It’s language agnostic so you may even be able to hear it in the language you prefer.

Audeohost keeps your patrons up to the minute with all of the latest gossip, goals, spills and thrills.

In a busy spot, it separates sound from noise, letting people make sense of it all.

In quite locations or where people don’t care what’s on, Audeohost lets users listen, in silence to others!

Audeohost is “Hearing the Complete Picture”

Contact us at (647) 4979-2847
(020) 3384-5300 in Europe
and at

For support, please call at the number above, write to, tweet @AudeoSupport or checkout our facebook page